Project Management

Data Migration & Integration for Epitaph Records

Project Manager of Epitaph Data Migration Project - 2011/2012

Late 2011 I was approached by Brett Gurewitz Epitaph Records to Project Manage a move of all their product metadata (and music files too) over to FUGA. FUGA is primarily a system that music labels use to manage their music catalogs and deliver to the people who sell digital downloads (DSP’s). Epitaph is already using ADA/Warner to do this and was actually motivated by a desire to have better access to their metadata. Brett wanted all the old data into FUGA so that, in the future he would have a complete set in one location. Read More...

Helping The Largest Indy Record Label Migrate Their Metadata

I’ve recently been asked to work with Epitaph Records as the Project Manager for their metadata migration project.

They are moving all of their music assets and all the associated meta-data to a single cloud-based database system. This should be a great project with lots of spin-offs down the line. I’ll tell you more about who the players are and how the project shakes out when official announcements come out at the end of the gig!

I’ve got my hands full coordinating the efforts of development team to work out a data transfer procedure in two directions and then get it all integrated into a self-updating web-site for Epitaph. Very exciting.

PhotoCine Expo

I’m going to be the host (MC) of the PhotoCine Expo on September 25th and 26th, 2010. Last year I produced and MC’d at the Collision Conference. This year I’m partnered with a new company to put on this event and am really excited by the line-up of great speakers we’ve got.

UPDATE - video and more on the projects page!