Tom Stratton

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Data Management and Metadata Management, primarily in media industries; including delivering a big-budget feature film.

Developer responsible for workflow and data management projects implemented in the Python scripting language.

Project Manager for technology based projects including website designs, metadata migrations and hardware implementations.

IT Generalist acting as a liaison between technical and non-technical stake-holders. Able to speak to executives, coders and users in a manner that each understands.


  • Data/Metadata Management
  • Project Management
  • Programming / Scripting
  • Team Leader / Manager
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Technical Communications
  • I.T. and Software Savvy
  • Engineering Degree
  • Digital Workflow (Pipeline) Optimization
  • Photo and Video Media Integration
  • Entrepreneurial and Practical Experience


Data Manager / Metadata Manager

BiteSize Networks

Los Angeles, CA (Oct 2013 - Present)

Data management and archiving for burgeoning tv and internet production company. Project Manager, metadata pipeline architecture and implementation.

Manage Data and Metadata in support of production and post production. Design, develop and implement data management, archiving, backup and lifecycle for all post production data. Create and implement metadata collection specifications and policy - metadata management.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • From Chaos, Create Order
  • IT Project Manager
  • Project Manager - Website Deployment
  • Manage Consulting Relationships
  • Research and Recommend IT infrastructure improvements

Skills Used:

  • Python
  • Mac OSX
  • Unix/Linux
  • System Administration
  • Project Management

VFX Pipeline Data Manager - Software Developer

Masters FX

Los Angeles, CA (Dec 2012 – Dec 2013)

When Masters FX wanted to spin up a team of digital artists to supplement their decades of experience in practical special effects I was brought in as a generalists capable of designing and implementing hardware, systems and processes for the digital artists.

Key Projects:

  • Wrote custom software to integrate with the Shotgun Database API
  • Increased After Effects render efficiency 250% by writing a custom render manager. (
  • Secured the client data by designing and implementing backup policies both locally and in the cloud.
  • Architect, maintain and customize the online production tracking tool, Shotgun.

Skills Used:

  • Python
  • Mac OSX
  • System Administration
  • Shotgun Database API
  • Web App Programming

Work Samples:

Project Manager - Metadata Migration

Epitaph Records

Los Angeles, CA (Oct 2011 - May 2012)

Contract position managing a metadata transfer and translation between two external development teams. I acted as the central communications and control hub - making sure that Epitaph got what they needed and that information made it’s way back and forth between the development teams.


  • Discovered several unanticipated problems with the project plan and found effective solutions for them.
  • Wrote custom Python sysadmin programs to integrate data from several different databases into a single dataset.
  • Ensured that the goals of Epitaph were always met, even in the face of pressure from development partners to change direction.
  • Successful completion of the project despite many externally created setbacks.

More info about the project at

Data & Metadata Manager / Shotgun Database Architect

Immortals (Feature Film) by Relativity Media

Los Angeles, CA (Dec 2010 - Oct 2011)

Delivered an entire big-budget feature, in 3D - handling the data in and out of the process including multiple versions of each shot. Wholly responsible for data and metadata for the entire 3-D conversion of "Immortals" by Tarsem Singh / Relativity Media

Database Architect and Administrator using the Shotgun Database software to manage the post production pipeline on 3D conversion of the feature film, "Immortals" for Relativity Media. Created the schema and managed the tracking of over 3500 shots, 1500 VFX shots and thousands of associated assets throughout the entire 3D conversion process.


  • Created custom Python web-apps and deployed to internal production server to interface with Shotgun database.
  • Record keeping and data analysis saved over $3/4 Million in overage costs on this multi-million dollar project.

Principal (Independent Consultant)

Tom Stratton Consulting

Los Angeles, CA (Nov 2008 – Present)

Customer focused project management and software consulting: web projects, digital work-flow design, software research and deployment, technology liaison.

Key Projects: (some projects listed previously in this resume)

  • Project Manager, E-commerce Web Site: Saved client \$40,000 (35%) compared to original bid. Recommended and implemented customized off-the-shelf software system.
  • Software Researcher, Project Management Software: Saved end client \$5,000 annually by finding better and more cost effective solution than was originally requested. (Subcontractor)

  • Project Manager, Software Development: For a Point-of-Purchase and Order-Tracking System in a service business. System resulted in fewer errors and lower labor cost for client.
  • Developer: Custom programming of workflow and data interface solutions for Warner Brother Photo Lab. Reduced labor in workflow by several hours per week - ongoing annual savings of over $7000.

Director of Digital Services

The Icon

Los Angeles, CA (September 2004 -November 2008)

Department manager handling 6 teams totaling up to 30 staff at this commercial photography post production facility with 80 employees and several million in annual billing.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Supervised and managed 4 departments (creative services, digital imaging, retouching and IT)
  • Strategic planning, hiring, training and coaching.
  • Spearheaded plan to collaborate with an external marketing firm to increase brand awareness in new markets.
  • Developed policy and procedures


  • Secured new clients in excess of $1 Million annual billing through implementation and refinement of online image management systems.
  • 200% growth of department’s billing
  • Helped company grow new business by redefining its primary focus and hiring an external marketing firm.
  • Reduced staff of IT department by 33% while expanding the responsibilities and services of the department
  • Project Management for IT projects with budgets over $1 million total.
  • Reduced job turn around for a critical client by 50%.
  • Saved $20,000 in annual software maintenance costs with internally developed best practices and computer programs.

Data Manager and Visual Effects Assistant

Sassoon Film Design

Santa Monica, CA (Various Dates 2002 - 2003)

Managed digital projector data, server, and final files utilizing a newly implemented computer system. Wrote customized command line scripts to manage data.


  • Resolved unexpected malfunctions with new technology through self-training and troubleshooting.
  • Met very tight, immovable deadline, fulfilling contractual obligations, despite unexpected technology complications, by successfully resolving glitches in new systems.


Image Mechanics

Los Angeles, CA (January 2003 -October 2004)

Start-up digital photo capture studio and technical services provider

Launched one of the first independent digital capture companies on the west coast. Created internal and customer-facing systems, established pricing and coordinated equipment purchases.

Principal / Photographer / Founder

Tom Stratton Photography

Los Angeles, CA (1991 -2004)

Conducted all responsiblities of starting and running a successful photography sole proprietorship.

V.P. Digital Imaging / Founder

Alternistock - online stock photo agency

Los Angeles, CA (May 2000 -June 2001)

Created cost effective workflow processes that launched this start-up venture.  


Originator, Coproducer, Project Manager - Professional Conference

Collision Conference / Photo-Cine Expo

Los Angeles, CA (Jun 2009 -Sep 2010)

Conceptualized, then produced two west coast conferences about the convergence of photo and video technology. Handled organizational details and communication with all partners and stake holders. Total Budget approx. $60,000/yr.


  • Both events paid for themselves, though they were expected to incur losses.
  • Built a small collaborative partnership to fund, market, produce and present conferences which resulted in a profitable web-site (
  • Generated brand awareness amongst the 750 industry attendees, 20 presenters, and 30 vendors which facilitates ongoing projects for all stakeholders.

Founder / Treasurer / Event Producer


Los Angeles Digital Imaging Group (June 2005 -December 2007)

Co-created non-profit, professional association which informs professional photographer about digital imaging.


  • Bimonthly events informed hundreds of photographers about changes in their industry.
  • 8 years later the organization continued to produce bimonthly events and had an active membership.



The University of British Columbia

  • BASc, Engineering Physics & Applied Mathematics (1988)
  • Post Graduate Studies in Applied Mathematics (1988)

The University of Illinois at Urbana / O’Reilly School of Technology

  • Continuing Education Certificate in Python programming Language (2012)



  • Strategic Planning, communications and staff management
  • Extensive experience in providing education and training at all levels
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
  • Adobe Creative Suite - Use and Administration
  • Computer Programming (Unix Shell, Python, some HTML/CSS)
  • Marketing, Promotion, Online Advertising, AdSense
  • Production (photo, video, conference)
  • Photo Retouching
  • Color Management, Printer Profiling, Monitor Matching
  • Website information architechture, design, creation and maintenance.
  • Bookkeeping