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project manager, workflow and i.t. consultant - GENERALIST

I understand IT - so you don’t have to!

Contact me: 323 863-6431

Please feel free to pick up the phone and cal. Or, look around and find out more about me here. I’m an engineer by education, a project manager by temperament and, generally, a guy who can get things done. I enjoy the challenge of figuring things out and am always ready to jump into a difficult project.

I specialize in making your ideas better and then making them real.

What is a generalist?

A good generalist is not a "jack of all trades, master of none." The generalist is a specialist in communication, bridging, and integration -- able to simultaneously be a teacher and a student, a listener and a speaker, a leader and a follower.

A generalist is invaluable -- the one person in the room who can translate between all the specialists, then make sense out of the whole. A generalist can work at the interfaces between specialties. That's where the gaps are that need to be filled.

Look at the top of big organizations. You won't find many specialists. You'll find the people who can pull all the specialties together to create, produce, and sell something that other people want to buy.

One can always buy specialists but good generalists are invaluable - H.C. L. MacDonald

You can connect with me on various social media platforms using the links below, or check out some of what I’ve been working on in my Projects section.


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