Projects That I’ve Contributed To:

Falling Skies

When Masters FX wanted to spin up a team of digital artists to supplement their decades of experience in practical special effects I was brought in as a Data Mangement and Pipeline generalists capable of designing and implementing hardware, systems and processes for the digital artists. I was able to:
  • Create custom software to integrate with the Shotgun Database API
  • Increase After Effects render efficiency 250% by writing a custom render manager
  • Secured the client data by designing and implementing backup policies both locally and in the cloud.
  • Architect, maintain and customize the Shotgun online production tracking tool.

Shoot also has a great writeup of the efforts that you should check out.


As the database guru for the team that coordinated the 3D conversion of this feature film I had to track every shot in every edit of the movie. With over 2200 shots each needing 1/2 dozen post-production steps it was a real challenge but the 3D was reviewed as some of the best ever done!

Photo Cine Expo

Here is a video overview of Photo Cine Expo

It was a fantastic event that really brought the concept of shooting cinema with low-cost photo gear into focus. The entire event was conceptualized, funded, promoted, and produced by Michael Britt, Lou Lesko and I .

Tom Stratton Introduces Gail Mooney At Photo Cine Expo

Faces Of PhotoCine Expo 2010 from Dailey Pike

Here is a link to a review of the Collision Conference written by RadRaven - He’s got some nice things to say about me too! Be sure to read all about What I Learned From Producing The Conference. (The Collision Conference was our first conference on Photo/Video convergence and Photo Cine Expo was the second)

Them Greeks

Them Greeks is possibly the first collaborative animated film made by a geographically dispersed team of animators.

I’m getting involved in some custom programming of their Shotgun Production Database and am looking forward to helping resolve some of the remote work issues that arise when a lot of data has to move all around the world.

The Bridge Digital Capture

I created all the content for The Bridge web-site while I worked for them. We used an external vendor for the design and I managed the project from our end.


In 2005, Mark Williford, Lee Varis, Bob Goldstein and I came together to form LA:DIG in an effort to educate photographers about advances in digital imaging. The organization is still going strong these many years later (though I have not been an active participant for several years)