Linking Excel Files Into A Word Document On Mac

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Mac users of Microsoft Office are often left out in the cold - some of the best features of the Office suite don’t work well (or at all) and documentation can be very hard to come by. So, when I figured out how to…

Embed Microsoft Excel Files Into Word Documents Using Office 2011 On The Mac

I figured that I better share with the world. If you have any suggestions for improving the workflow, or better references for me to check out please send me an email.
Of course, this is Office on the Mac so nothing is easy and none of it works as well as you want it to - still, this is a functionality that can’t be replicated in Pages/Numbers. Mainly because you can’t get multiple cross-linked spreadsheets to interact (unless you know better!). Oh, did I forget to mention that the Excel files can refer to each other? Sorry, that’s an important detail that I should have mentioned earlier :-) Read More...