Front End and GUI Demo Movies Posted

I’ve posted a couple of samples of GUI dev work on GitHub Pages

If you want to see my early forays into front-end and GUI programming you can see demo movies of my production code from MastersFX on GitHub Pages. Nothing fancy - just had to create something quick and easy for the artists.

dMFX Submitter

A PyQt/python GUI script to allow easier shot/element/asset submission to the Shotgun production database (includes drag and drop support). This provided a much simpler interface (than the default Shotgun UI) for Artists to submit shots for daily review - it included some back-end automations to put files into the expected folders so that review sessions were easier for I/O to manage.

Clone Folders

A simple python based Mac gui for automatically generating project folder structure based on a user-specified template. This one was done without PyQt and instead used a simple script based UI (Platypus?)